Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aimee Allison says Pakistani lives don't matter

The Clown Face of Evil

We didn't realize what an ugly face for the left Aimee Allison was. We knew her as the Socialist who tries to pretend she's Green Party but cheerleaded (and voted for) Barack Obama. We knew her as the idiot who stammers on air, forever lost, as she tries to find her way to a basic point Monday through Friday on KPFA's The Morning Show. But we didn't realize how truly disgusting she was until this morning.

That's when we turned up a video that was posted in January 2009, and only had 103 views (counting us), we didn't realize what a War Whore she was. We strongly question KPFA's continued employment of Aimee Allison for a number of reasons but we think her comments regarding Pakistan demand that she be let go.

In a video she decided to post to YouTube, she allegedly responded to a comment left on her FaceBook page decrying Barack Obama's drone attacks on Pakistan. Instead of responding to how awful the bombings that killed innocent civilians in Pakistan, Aimee spent two minutes justifying Barack's bombings as "consistent" with what he'd said as a candidate ("big carrots and big sticks"). "As far back as August, 2007," Aimee blandly declared, Barack "said he favored taking direct action in Pakistan" . . .

And on and on, like a whore being paid by the minute, her insipid words continued until reaching it's most embarrassing and offensive moment:

And the real question isn't, "Can you send drones to fire missiles in an area and not kill civilians and protect the national interest?" The question that we should be asking as American citizens is: "What are the goals? What is UN foreign -- US foreign policy goals in that region and why is it that those people are dying?" It is that kind of transparency and message to the American people that we need to hear right now.

Really? That's what we need right now? As "American citizens"? And what do the Pakistanis need, Aimee Allison?

What about them?

Today CNN reports that six Pakistanis are dead from the latest drone attack and that the US military insists (as they forever and a day do) that all six were 'militants' and 'terrorists' -- and possibly 'unicorns' if there is enough objection. But the objection won't come from Aimee Allison because asking whether you can send drones and kill people isn't the question she wants asked. All she wants is for Barack to be 'open' and 'transparent' and sell this murder to the American people.

You need to grasp that an almost four minute video uses two minutes to justify Barack's drone attacks with a bunch of quotes from him as a candidate. There's never any outrage expressed -- not once -- during the four minute video. There's never any condemning of the attacks or sorrow expressed for the victims.

Pacifica is supposed to be on the side of the people, Aimee Allison instead rushes to justify and minimize drone attacks and the deaths of innocent people, she rushes to okay the invasion of other countries. There's no excuse for what she did.

We're not on FaceBook but we'd imagine that someone one was and listed among her "favorites" "Barack Obama" and "Michelle Obama" has her priorities screwed. And we have to wonder about that and how anyone can be a co-host of an alleged radio news magazine who has "favorites" like that?

It might, for example, lead you to place a higher priority on personality than on human life. Might? In fact, it did.

Aimee Allison is beyond embarrassment at this point and she should have been pulled aside a long time ago -- probably when she was recommending that people burn copies of The New Yorker (she favored the Nazi book burning tactic because, as she explained on air, she found the satirical cover of the magazine in the summer of 2008 to be offensive). No one's pulled her aside and, time and again, she does one thing after another that goes against everything Pacifica supposed to stand for.

Her dismissing the lives of Pakistanis is only the last straw.
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