Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't Miss Movie

Now Voyager, you saw it, you loved it, you know all about it.

Or do you?

Bette Davis plays a 'spinster' named Charlotte. It wasn't Davis' first time playing a 'spinster' or a Charlotte. 1939's The Old Maid, directed by Edmund Goulding, first found Davis playing 'spinster' Charlotte . . . focused on raising a young child named Tina. Also starring in the film is Miriam Hopkins as her cousin and rival and George Brent as a man that they both love.

the old maid

The Old Maid is a tight film with strong visuals, amazing acting and a story that holds you until the end. For more, see Stan's Friday post. And to really appreciated one of film's best actresses, don't miss Bette Davis in this movie.
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