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Books (Ty, Ava and C.I.)



As we did in 2021 and 2023, we're attempting to again increase book coverage in the community. After a review posts, we try to do a discussion with the reviewer.  This go round, we're talking to Ty about his "THE DARK SIDE OF HOLLYWOOD (Ty)." You liked the book.



Ty: I did.  It focuses on the lives and careers of Charlie Chaplin, Lupe Velez and Jean Harlow.  All of their careers ended too soon -- Lupe and Jean died young while Charlie was refused entry to the US due to his leftist politics.  It moved quickly, was breezy, informative and entertaining.

You said you'd marked a section you wanted to note in the book talk.

Ty: Yes.  Lupe had a number of famous affairs and one was with Gary Cooper:


One peculiar aspect of their relationship was the tolerance that Lupe had for Cooper's homosexual  affairs, especially with Andy Lawler, an actor and longtime friend of Cooper.  According to many biographies, Lupe was very open-minded about their involvement as long as she was allowed to participate.  When she was left out, she was jealous.  One time, at a very crowded Hollywood party, she unzipped Gary's pants, bent down, and sniffed his crotch to see if she could detect Lawler's signature cologne.


Ty (Con't): And this is from WIKIPEDIA:

Lawler was gay, although he was frequently linked with women. In 1935, he accompanied Kay Francis on a trip to Europe, ostensibly sent by the studios to keep her out of trouble. At one point, Walter Winchell started a rumor that the two were engaged.[9]

Lawler purchased Donald L. Linder's house in West Hollywood, California, designed in the Streamline Moderne style by architect Edward B. Rust.[10] When he moved to New York City, he rented it to actors Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth.[10]

 Ty (Con't): I couldn't find a lot about Andrew Lawler. 

He was great friends with Katharine Hepburn, the two loved to gossip -- especially about the sex lives of people they knew.   A good book to follow up with would be William J. Mann's BEHIND THE SCREEN: HOW GAYS AND LESBIANS SHAPED HOLLYWOOD 1910 - 1969.  


Ty: Okay, I'm look that book up and make the next one I read.




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