Tuesday, May 21, 2024

2024 passings




1) "bad news (settlers shot a child in the back and adan canto has died)" -- Rebecca covers the passing of THE CLEANING LADY and DESIGNATED SURVIVOR star.


 2 and 3) "David Soul and Glynis Johns have passed" -- two passings -- one you knew from STARSKY & HUTCH, the other you knew from MARY POPPINS.

4) "Mary Weiss, The Leader of the Genre?" -- Elaine notes the passing of the leader of The Shangri-Las. 

5) "The death of Norman Jewison and the death of Taraji P. Henson's career" -- Stan notes the passing of film director Norman Jewison.


 6) "Melanie: Queen of the Music festivals ," "Thank you to Melanie (Jess)," "Jon Stewart to return to the desk," "Melanie, REACHER, young voters," "When are they going to arrest Kari Lake?," "We lose Melanie and Dexter King but are still stuck with Jonathan Turley?," "my top five melanie albums," "Ugly Chaya Chachi Ratchik," "Where's Florida's "Don't Say Southern Baptist" law?," and "Melanie, Mary Weiss, Green Day" -- remembering singer-songwriter Melanie.

7) "Norman Jewison and Melanie" -- Ruth notes Melanie and director Norman Jewison's passing. 

8) "Chita Rivera" -- a trailblazer's life is noted by Elaine.  

9) "Carl Weathers" -- Stan covers the actor and the athlete's passing.


10) "Richard Lewis" --  Ruth notes the passing of a stand up comic and actor.


11)  "Eric Carmen" -- Kat notes the passing of a singer-songwriter.


12)  "Louis Gossett Jr." -- Stan notes a passing of a breakthrough and Academy Award winning actor.


13) "I do Barbara Rush" -- Betty notes a passing of a golden age actress.


14) "Joe Flaherty" -- Stan notes a passing of a comic actor. 

15) "Robert MacNeil" -- Ruth notes a passing of a news anchor.


 16)  "meg bennett" -- Rebecca notes that passing of an actress and writer.


17) "David Sanborn" -- Kat notes the passing of a saxophone legend.


1)8 "Dabney Coleman" -- Stan notes a character actor who became a star.



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