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Media: The pontificators

Life, it forever seems, it one bad movie on an endless loop. And it's one with lousy actors playing sketchy characters.

We're thinking of an athlete and a politician specifically.  

Let's start with the athlete.  Harrison Butker Jr is a kicker for Kansas City Chiefs.  He gave a commencement address at the start of the month and it was a huge embarrassment.   Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Harrison Loves Josh" took on Harrison Jr's stupidity.

joshs girlfriend

Harrison is a kicker which is probably the lowest position on a professional football team.  Important, but lowly.  He's also holds an engineering degree.  But, there to, not so impressive.  His degree is in industrial engineering which is considered the lowest and easiest engineering field to major in.  So let's not pretend he's educated -- and that's before we deal the reality of his scholarship to college. Or, for that matter, that his kicking (and coordination) wasn't good enough for soccer -- what he'd originally planned to play in college. 

In April, he spoke at US House Rep Josh Hawley's "Stronger Men's Conference" and, there, our big question is, did he think crying on stage this month at a college commencement came off as a "stronger man'?  

In his speech, he attacked everyone he could -- including LGBTQ+ people, including women.  How bad was it?  It was so bad that nuns objected.  The college nuns objected.  NPR quotes this from their statement, "The sisters of Mount St. Scholastica do not believe that Harrison Butker's comments in his 2024 Benedictine College commencement address represent the Catholic, Benedictine, liberal arts college that our founders envisioned and in which we have been so invested." 

Reality, celebrities often are the biggest idiots and that's especially true when they're from the world of sports.  They spent college focusing on athletics and learning damn little.  Not true of all, but clearly true of the bulk.  And that's fine, life can round you out.  But Harrison Jr is only 28 and has no real life experience other than playing games as an adult.  For that reason, we hadn't planned on commenting.

The nuns issued a statement, GLAAD issued a statement, many YOUTUBE programs -- sports and non-sports programs -- called Harrison's stupidity out.  Some people even called out the racism in Harrison Jr's remarks.

Or somewhat called out the racism.


They noted his attack on inclusion, for example, but they tended to miss the racism involved in the attack on women.

And that's why we felt the need to weigh in: The racism.

There was nothing redeeming about any of his remarks.  They flaunted a failed mind.  That he holds a university degree is a slap in the face of education.


However, even the deeply stupid and uneducated are aware of THE BRADY BUNCH.  It's a story of what?  Two parents who have lost their partners and are each raising three kids "until the one day that this lady met this fellow . . ."


Widows.  They've always existed.  So have divorced women.  So have women whose partners just up and left.  


When an idiot like Harrison Jr speaks of women and work, he has some idiotic media created concept that's far divorced from reality.  For many reasons -- including the need for a two-paycheck income for the family to survive -- women of color have had to work.  It wasn't a hobby, it wasn't something to fill the time, they were required to work for economic reasons.  


This is historical.  This didn't just emerge ten years ago or, for that matter, a hundred years ago.   Black women, to name but one group, were often required to work inside the home and outside the home at the same time.  As he stood up there deciding and ordaining what women should do, he never knew what they'd done or why they'd done it.  

It takes a lot of smug to stand up in front of people lecturing on a subject that you honestly know nothing about.  That's why some men get mocked, Junior, not because the world o the country hates me but because some of you have been petted your entire life and encourage to speak when you honestly been told to sit down and shut up.

Listening to Harrison Jr's speech will provide you a strong example of someone whose license to pontificate should be revoked. 

In fairness to the wee lad, Hillary Clinton supposedly had an actual education with degrees from Wellesley College and Yale Law School that allegedly back up the claim.

But is anyone more ignorant on every level than Hillary Clinton?

As we've long noted, people go through periods of feeling sorry for her in this country.  

And then she speaks.

And they're reminded yet of again of just why they hate her.

And, yes, a strong number of Americans hate her.

"It's the vicious right-wing echo chamber!" you can hear her snarl.

No, it's not.  And let us point out again that when she made that claim, on NBC's TODAY SHOW in the 90s, she was not proven right.  

That's a lie that her cult has promoted.

Yes, there is a right-wing echo chamber and there was one in the 90s.  But that's not what Hillary was talking about.  She was denouncing Monica Lewinsky as a liar and as a false claim promoted by a right-wing echo chamber.  Monica was not lying.  She did have an affair with Bill Clinton and Hillary and Bill owe her apologies as well as thank yous because the easiest thing for her to have done was to have saved her own ass by telling whatever lie the special prosecutor forced off on her.  She refused to lie and she refused to be railroaded.  That's called courage and it's something Hillary has long lacked.

Self-awareness is another thing.

She tries to play herself as a pantsuit warrior but she's a pathetic weakling in the eyes of many.

Bill has repeatedly cheated on her and she's played the doormat.  Rosie O'Donnell publicly went off on Hillary in the early '00s because she, like many, thought Hillary getting elected to the Senate meant that Hillary would finally leave Bill and find some self-respect.

But there's always been a gulf between the land of self-respect and Hillary Clinton and that fissure has never been filled or healed.

Last week, the woman whose celebrity burnt out decades ago felt the need to weigh in on students.


That was the gist of AIPAC's long favored candidate Hillary Clinton on students at college campuses protesting the genocide taking place in Gaza.  

This attitude appalled a number of people.  It also surprised a small number of people.

"Wasn't Hillary a student activist in the 60s?"

We were asked that by a group of students last week.


No, she wasn't. Hillary didn't protest as a college undergraduate (she was a Republican then).  Some think that her hatred of Richard Nixon was the reaction of a student activist.  No, it wasn't.  She loathed Nixon because she attended the 1968 GOP convention as a Nelson Rockefeller supporter and she felt Nixon and his cronies lied and attacked Rockefeller at the convention.


 Throughout her political celebrity (and later career), Hillary has been given one pass after another because people have wrongly seen her as a student activist who grew away from her roots.  The reality is that Hillary's always held tight to her roots.  She was a centrist Republican in the 60s and she's retained those positions to this day. 

She led on no left issue.  Not as First Lady, not as US senator, not as Secretary of State and not as Democratic Party presidential nominee.  

Reality, she was fine with Don't Ask, Don't Tell, she wouldn't support same-sex marriage in 2008, she leads on nothing and never has.  What's worse than that?

Because with Hillary, there's always something worse. 

How about her early 2005 effort -- so bad that even THE NEW YORK TIMES called her out -- to attack abortion rights?

When she keeps her mouth shut, people tend to forget those things.  And when she keeps her mouth shut for an extended period, they tend to feel sympathetic to her.

Then she opens up her mouth and reminds us all yet again of why we loathe her.


This go round, she wanted to trash students and the young  -- which is basically the bulk of the people on the earth compared to her.


These students didn't know what her husband Bill had done in the 90s.  Actually, it's Hillary who didn't know -- or more likely -- elected to lie about Bill Clinton's  negotiations.


And it was always  Hillary who didn't know, who chose to play the unsuspecting wife, the cheated on and the doormat.  So save a little of that scorn for yourself, Hillary, at least the students have their self-respect.


And the reality is that children are dying right now.  She doesn't care.  She never cares unless money's involved.  She showed up like some sicko in a bad Roger Corman effort -- in fact, like the mayor on Corman's BLACK SCORPION TV show -- a corrupt liar who really didn't fool anyone except for himself.  

A lot of people speak because they think they have something worth sharing.  As was obvious last week, a lot of people are wrong.


For more on Harrison Butker see Marcia's "Harrison Butker is a hate merchant" and Mike's  "A kicker thinks he's accomplished something and has wisdom," "Hate merchant Harrison Butker"  and "Idiot of the week."  For more embarrassment from Hillary Clinton, just wait for her to go on camera again.

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