Monday, November 01, 2021

Magazines (Jim)

 KINDLE UNLIMITED?  For 2021, the community sites have been using the AMAZON service and offering their take on it.  The service costs approximately $10 a month and allows you to read as many books as you want.  You don't own the books, you 'borrow' them.  You can borrow ten at a time.

What else can you do?

Turns out magazines.


Not sure.  

I'm told that with our subscription, Dona and I can subscribe for free to three magazines.  But when I clicked on the three we selected it was talking about a trial period.  I have no idea.  We may end up getting billed at some point.

In terms of the three we selected?

Really Dona selected them.  

I'm not into golf and that was the only sports magazine offered.  MEN'S HEALTH always struck me as more of a jerk-off magazine for men too closeted to buy porn.  I like music but the only music magazine was from the BBC and it covered classical music.  

We went with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY which we figured we'd both enjoy.  Our second choice was VANITY FAIR which does a bit of journalism from time to time (besides the celebrity covers).  For the third one, she chose ELLE.

When I say that there weren't that many, the complete listing is only six pages.  

I found that as surprising as the limited genres offered.

A real fan of magazines isn't going to gain anything with a KINDLE UNLIMITED subscription.

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