Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Editorial: Hmmm

Omar Tweets:

one of the men who pulled the trigger killing the journalists below were brought to justice. He confessed to having received his orders from #Khamenei of Iran through fatwa. Khamenei openly tweeted for his followers to crack down on protesters using force. #EndImpunity #iraq



 And he reTweets:

يعتبر انتصار للحريات في #العراق، وهي بداية للكشف عن أسماء الأحزاب والميليشيات التي أعطت الأوامر للقاتل المجرم علينا أن نستمر بمطالباتنا بالقصاص من القتلة والفاسدين، لحين تحقيق العدالة #إنهاء_الإفلات_من_العقاب #Endimpunty

As THE COMMON ILLS asked Monday morning, is there a reason we're not allowed to know the name of the convicted killer?  He was found guilty in court.  Is there a reason to hide his name from the public?  Who are they protecting.








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