Monday, January 04, 2021

Jimmy Dore

 These are Tweets from Jimmy Dore.  Twitter's actions make copying and pasting hard -- if we just copy and paste straight through, we will get big black check boxes covering the page over and over.  So check out his feed, this is just a sampling.







Here are all the ways Cenk keeps lying about #ForceTheVote. Cenk needs another round of Funding from his Clinton Donors & he thinks nobody will notice that he is kneecapping Med4All & running interference for democrats. #FraudSquad #ForceThevote
Debunking CENK UYGUR's Misinformation About #ForceTheVote
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Or if you want to the TRUTH about all the ways union-buster
is LYING about #ForceTheVote U should watch this video, it shows how Cenk has lied, contradicted his own rationale & refuses to correct himself when called out. #FraudSquad
Debunking CENK UYGUR's Misinformation About #ForceTheVote
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 Another clarifying moment for another fake progressive, this time it’s

. Here he lends credence to
’s lie that #ForceTheVote would lead to the
taking over the Speakership. He knows that’s not how it works but he’s pushing it anyway. #FraudSquad



The CENTERPIECE of the DSA’s own “House Pressure Campaign Guide” is “Forcing A Floor Vote On Med4all”. It says 2 push for it even though they know it won’t pass cuz its good strategy. Then DSA attacks me 4 advocating their own strategy of #ForceTheVote
DSA Deny Their Own Manifesto Not To Advocate #ForceTheVote
Force The Vote! We demand that every progressive in Congress refuse to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker



In Crystal Clear Language the DSA lays out their #ForceTheVote Strategy that they then attacked me for advocating


 By “this” do you mean: while being in a position of extreme leverage, just give your vote away to the most unpopular politician in America without getting anything for your constituents in the process? HOORAY! #FraudSquad

 Pretty sure every person who voted for you wanted U to extract something big for your vote for Pelosi as speaker. I bet nobody thought U would be doing ZERO strategizing with other progressives to make use of your leverage. Shame on you. FIGHT! #ForceTheVote





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