Monday, January 04, 2021

Burn Pits 360's 10th year anniversary of advocacy


We are grateful for your support.

Dear Friend,

The year 2020 marked our ten-year anniversary of advocacy which began in August of 2010 after I was sent home from my state trooper job due to illnesses I was struggling with following burn pit exposure in Iraq.
We continue to advocate for thousands of men and women who have been affected by toxic wounds from burn pit exposure.

It is vital that we have continued support to fight the battles needed to be successful. I’m reminded daily of what we’re fighting for due to my exposure to burn pits while deployed, and I’m grateful to have my wife Rosie fighting alongside with me – but this is where we need your help.

The way ahead in 2021 includes efforts to continue our programs and services to sustain our national burn pit registry, caregiver resources, advocacy for specialized healthcare and legislative efforts, and maintain our headquarters, the Warrior Support Center.

On behalf of our volunteers at Burn Pits 360, Thank you for standing alongside us this year and hope to have you by our side in 2021. Have a blessed Happy New Year!


CPT. Le Roy Torres, U.S. Army, Ret.
Texas Highway Patrol, Ret.
Co-founder, Burn Pits 360


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