Monday, January 04, 2021

CRAPAPEDIA gets it wrong again

From the online Encyclopedia For Idiots:


TYT is the longest-running online news and political talk show in the world.[8][18][19][20]

No.  It was a radio program first and was airing on SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO in 2002.  It only became an online program in?  2006.


Before 2006, it wasn't an online broadcast.


You know what was?  


Amy Goodman's DEMOCRACY NOW which is a daily news and political talk show.  They went online in 2001.  In 2005, Lizzy Ratner was writing about this (THE NATION via COMMON DREAMS).

We're not Amy fans -- we walked away from her when she walked away from the Iraq War -- but we do believe in honesty and we do believe that you give credit where it's due.

How typical of CRAPAPDEIA and Cenk Uygur to strip the actual credit from a woman and to instead give it to an undeserving man.

Five years.  That's how much longer that DEMOCRACY NOW! has been broadcasting daily online -- as well as on radio and TV -- than THE YOUNG TURKS, five years.

Cenk and CRAPAPEDIA are liars.

And if there's someone who holds a record longer than Amy Goodman, please let us know.  But she is the first who comes to mind.

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