Monday, January 28, 2019

The victims of assault

So obvious and yet still so contentious among many : men are also victims of sexual violence in conflict and need robust & tailored assistance.

He's Tweeting about Heloise Goodley's report for Chatham House. Here's the opening:

Sexual violence against men and boys in conflict remains largely hidden and ignored, neglected in terms of recognition, resources and policy provision, despite being documented in nearly every armed conflict in which sexual violence is committed. This silence is a result of under-reporting, the prioritization of women and girls, and international policy frameworks, stemming from the United Nations, that structurally discriminate against male survivors of sexual violence.
Failure to address the suffering of male victims has profound consequences for the survivor, his family and his community – an outcome that makes sexual violence such a potent weapon in war. Furthermore, their exclusion from assistance and support, and near absence from judicial recourse, compounds the injustice experienced by male survivors. A more robust and dedicated commitment to men and boys as victims of sexual violence in conflict is needed.
It is commonly cited that women and girls are disproportionately the victims of sexual violence in conflict, but this view is increasingly coming under challenge. Over the last two decades, a growing body of evidence has documented the prevalence of sexual violence against men and boys in a wide variety of conflict settings, indicating that numbers of male victims are significantly higher than initially presumed. For example, in Liberia, a survey found that a third of male ex-combatants had experienced sexual violence, while a similar study in the Democratic Republic of the Congo reported that a quarter of men in conflict affected areas had experienced sexual violence.
Men are especially vulnerable in certain conflict situations, such as during detention, when forcibly recruited, in refugee or internally displaced persons camps, and during military operations in civilian areas.

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