Monday, January 28, 2019

Editorial: Enough, truly enough

When is it enough?  When is the Turkish government going to stop bombing northern Iraq?

Listen to this Kurdish woman’s scream as the Turkish jets bomb the area in Duhok province. Turkey is unleashing terror on the civilians in Shiladeza area as angry protesters attacked a Turkish base in response to the killing of four civilians by Turkish jets in the area on Jan 23

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Following the death of four civilians, Kurds began protesting at a Turkish base in northern Iraq (Dohuk).  One protester was killed by the Turkish military and ten more were left injured.  AFP reports, "Iraq Sunday said it would summon the Turkish ambassador over the death of a Kurdish protester after Turkish troops opened fire on demonstrators in the country’s northwest."

Why are they still being allowed to bomb northern Iraq?

We've asked that question repeatedly and there's still no answer.

The Baghdad-based government says Turkey's actions are a violation of Iraq's sovereignty.  So why do these bombings keep happening.

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