Monday, January 28, 2019

MeToo# thief Alyssa Milano stays silent on Bryan Singer

Hagtress Alyssa Milano has found a new career as self-appointed spokesperson of #MeToo.  Well -- as something.  A spokesperson, after all, speaks.  Leslie Moonves?  He did far too much business with CAA for Alyssa to speak out (her latest husband works for CAA) and she also was pitching not one but two shows to THE CW (co-owned by CBS).  So she stayed silent there.  And she remains silent on Bryan Singer.

In 2017, she said nothing about him.  In 2018, she said nothing.  This year -- even with THE ATLANTIC's explosive story last week -- she says nothing.

Alyssa only speaks out when it won't hurt her own pocket book.  Some spokesperson.

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    Why haven’t you spoken out about the fact that Bryan Singer has been raping young boys for over 20 years? For someone so outspoken, you’re very silent about these disgusting, disturbing stories. Is it because they’re gay boys??
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    Check your facts. Ah, and more wall is coming, just like more accusations against Bryan Singer are coming, so get over it.
  3. Say Alyssa any comment on Bryan Singer? Is he also a pedovore? Reports say many are that along with being pedophiles.
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    How come you never talk about Bryan Singer or R Kelly?
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    Why aren’t you outraged about the Bryan Singer story ?
  6. THE sacked director of the Oscar-nominated Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody, Bryan Singer, has been accused of raping and sexually molesting young teenage boys, after an article in US magazine The Atlantic rocked Hollywood yesterday. where are you.??
  7. Hollywood needs to speak up for the men and boys Bryan Singer abused. Do NOT let this get swept under the rug.
  8. Can someone explain to me how this is just allowed to happen? I feel like I'm in the fucking upside down. How is all of Hollywood not revolting over this? Outspoken people on here - , , ... what gives?

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    So any word on Bryan Singer? Or is touching kids ok as long as they don't wear a MAGA hat or is it mor encouraged if they do ?
  2. Hey Big mouth ! Why so silent on vile Bryan Singer ? Too consumed with hats ?
  3. was always just smoke and noise, and friends will hand a free pass to Bryan Singer while they try and get some " teen" murdered.
  4. Harvey raped girls Alyssa was there Bryan singer raped boys Alyssa was there and guess what her husband sends the young and innocent to these predators and guess what Alyssa is there !!
  5. Bryan Singer is yet another example of a predator in Hollywood proving people like Milano belong to a insidious cult.
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    Your husband is a top agent for CAA, the ones Rose McGowan said were the pimps for Harvey Weinstein, did CAA ever work with "Bryan Singer"?

  7. Where is Alyssa Milano’s tweet condemning Bryan Singer of rape? She was so quick to condemn Kavanaugh but now she is silent???

  8. Where's Hollywood's soposed expert in the aspects of the world on another one of her own Director Bryan Singer in the news again for Sexual Misconduct, The Silence is Deafening
  9. Bryan Singer is accused of raping more underage teens, molesting 13 yo via where is ?

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