Monday, January 28, 2019

Maybe Rob Reiner should shut up unless he really, really wants to talk

Rob Reiner hasn't directed a hit film in decades.  That he still works is shocking.  That he Tweets is even more shocking.

Nader gave US Bush in 2000. Gore won by over 500K. Would’ve had 15-20 yr. jump on global warming & no 1mil. killed in Iraq. Stein helped give US Trump. Hillary had 3 mil. more votes. Now Schultz wants to give the incompetent criminal moron a 2nd term. Curb your ego! Don’t run!

People can run in a democracy.  We get it, facts are hard for fat f**ks like Rob Reiner.

Hey, Rob, since you want to talk, how about talking about all those gay rumors?  Remember how Penny used to talk about how long you two were together before you were finally able to have sex with her?  And how did you manage that again?

Oh, right, you saw the queen of conversion therapy -- Miss Mildred.  She did wonders for Anthony Perkins, didn't she?

What's that? She just drove him further into the closet, helped him have a few kids with a woman while he still sought men on the side?  Hmm.  Is that a description of your life, Rob?

You wanted to talk, after all.

And while we're talking, why don't you talk about those internet rumors that you were the one who molested Corey Haim?  If you're confused, Rob, here's just one example.

Just found this old tweet to Rob Reiner alleging he raped Corey Haim. We've got to break this Hollywood pedo-ring wide open. NOW.

Again, you're the one who wanted to talk Rob.

Oh, one more thing, if you're going to whine about the Iraq War, how about pointing out that Ralph Nader didn't support it but Hillary Clinton did.

We need more choices, not fewer.  Fat f**ks like Rob Reiner just don't get it.

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