Monday, July 23, 2018

When Debra Messing and others reTweet a pedophile are they confessiong to child exploitation?

Kurt Eichenwald is embraced by Debra Messing and so many others.  Despite being a pedophile.  Apparently, Debra Messing is a-okay with child exploitation.

We've called out Kurt repeatedly.

But we didn't know Margaret Kimberley had as well.  Margaret linked to a report by Debbie Nathan (COUNTERPUNCH) that we'd also missed.  Nathan breaks it down very basically about what happened between Eichenwald and the underage Justin Berry.

1. Eichenwald used the $1,184 PayPal payments he paid Justin Berry to buy photos from Justin. Was Eichenwald’s editor or anyone else at the Times aware that Eichenwald was engaged in business transactions with Justin in 2005 around the time of the buying of photos?
2. Eichenwald told Berry during this time that he could help him with ideas to make more money. Is this something the Times was aware of?
3. Hours after Eichenwald paid Justin Berry $2,000 on June 8, 2005, Berry produced a video of a 14-year-old boy masturbating. Was the Times aware of this?
4. Images of the 14-year old masturbating were uploaded a few days later to a heretofore dormant gay porn website run by Berry. During this period, Eichenwald became a member of the same website. Was the Times aware he was a member?
5. Eichenwald was not merely a member of the illegal site mentioned above. He also had administrative privileges to enter it, involving a special password available only to those managing the site. He used the password more than 20 times in late June, 2005 to sign onto the site. Was the Times aware of this?

It's really past time that the pampered aireheads like Debra Messing were informed that it is not okay to reTweet a pedophile and that if they continue to do so we will see that as their confession that they are also pedophiles.

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