Monday, July 23, 2018

Tweet of the week

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    BREAKING: Newly declassified FISA application on Carter Page reveals FBI never told the court that its main source -- Steele -- was paid through the Clinton campaign. It merely says he was hired by a "business associate" and a "law firm," which it never ID's as Clinton/DNC lawyer
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    BREAKING: Over and over, the newly released FISA app on Carter Page reveals the FBI cited liberal media articles, along with the Clinton-paid political dossier, as EVIDENCE to support the warrant to spy on Page, and by extension, the Trump campaign
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    BREAKING: Newly released FISA application shows Strzok did in fact use Carter Page's Sept. 2016 letter to Comey as a “pretext” to open investigation on him, as Strzok suggested in email to Page in Sept re "Crossfire FISA." Yet Strzok just swore he had nothing to do with Page FISA
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    BREAKING: "Source #1 [Steele] has been compensated [blank] by the FBI," according to newly released FISA applications to spy on Trump advisor Carter Page

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