Monday, July 23, 2018

Editorial: Iraq

In case u missed it: Large scale protests have been going on in southern recently. This powerful sign sums up the demands of the demonstrators: Revolution of the poor. Electricity. Water. Bread.

Large scale protests.

And what you need to be asking is this: Is the media I consume providing me this story?  You need to ask that because (a) the Iraqi people are suffering, (b) Prime Minister Hayder al-Abadi has turned the military on the protesters, (c) Hayder is using the training the US provided and the weapons the US provided to attack the Iraqi people, (d) this is in violation of the Leahy Amendment . . .

We could go on forever.

But what you need to ask is who is covering the protests?

NPR did a strong job last week with several reports.  THE WASHINGTON POST and CNBC have each done a strong report.

Where's the rest of the landscape?  And don't forget the begger media which has so many hours to kill.

Instead of covering the Iraqi people and the danger that they are in, it's endless chatter about 'treason' and other nonsense.

Watch throughout the week, see who bothers to cover these protests.  By their actions you will know if they are full of s**t.

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