Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The last thing Iraq needs

Repost from THE COMMON ILLS at readers' requests.  Can you see a safe world if Iraq has nuclear waste?

The last thing Iraq needs

No, we're not talking about the September 25th referendum.

Jennifer Paltz (AP) reports, "Iraq's foreign minister is asking nuclear countries for help building an atomic reactor for peaceful purposes, saying the country has a right to use atomic power peacefully."

It's the last thing Iraq -- or the world -- needs.

Forget that nuclear power isn't safe -- faux greens claim otherwise but corporate money pays them to say that, doesn't it?

Iraq is a country still torn by an ongoing war.

That's reason enough not to build a nuclear power plant.

There's also the fact that US weapons and equipment supplied to the Iraqi government ended up in the hands of . . . ISIS.

If they can't hold onto their own arms, how the hell do we expect the 'government' of Iraq to keep control of nuclear waste?

The very recent past would appear to indicate that Iraq can't safe guard nuclear waste and that many wanting to build a dirty bomb would see Iraq as the place to go shopping.

And that's before you factor in that Iraq still doesn't have a government that the Iraqi people feel represents them.

Meanwhile, the referendum is still scheduled to be held Monday, September 25th.

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