Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Editorial: Iraq and promises

Iraq, the never-ending war.
The media withdrew in 2011.
When did everyone else leave?
United for Peace and Justice?
They left in November of 2008.
Tom Hayden?
He's dead now so he has that excuse and we won't beat a dead horse.
But we will note that he acted as if the Iraq War was over the minute Barack Obama was elected president.  (He did wake up when Barack began sending in units of Special Ops
A lot of people showed up in DC in January 2007 for the big rally.
Lot of promises got made.
And then nothing.
Iraq became an issue to forget unless you could use it to churn out votes.
John Edwards -- for all his faults -- did get it.  If you voted for the war, you needed to issue a mea culpa.  He wrote a lengthy column for THE WASHINGTON POST.
Despite running twice for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination (2008 and 2016), Hillary never apologized.
It was a mistake.
Which deepened into Bully Boy Bush tricked her.
Which didn’t just sound lame -- it recalled the episode of FRIENDS where all of Ross; misdeeds were exposed to his parents and he insisted, "I was tricked into all of those things!"
Ross geller friends - I was tricked Into all those things!
And let's be honest, if she was tricked into all of those things, what does that say about her judgment?
And factor in that the 'trickster' was Bully Boy Bush -- a man with the IQ of a pet rock.
As pointed out at THE COMMON ILLS, Democrats able to vote on the Iraq War in 2002 (in Congress at the time) have repeatedly been rewarded by the part.  Al Gore’s running mate, Joe Sometime Democrat Lieberman voted for the war two years after being on the presidential ticket.  John Kerry and John Edwards were on the ticket in 2004 and both voted for the Iraq War.  In 2008, Joe Biden was the running mate for Barack Obama – Biden voted for the war.  And in 2016, it was war hawk Hillary Clinton.
In the words of C.I. "And let's hope that in 2020, the Democratic presidential ticket will not include one person who voted for the Iraq War."
Why does the party continue to reward bad behavior?
Because they don't care about the ongoing war, apparently.
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