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DATALOUNGE goes beyond bitchy (Ava and C.I.)

The next list of inductees for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should include Tori Amos, Chaka Khan and, yes, Janet Jackson.

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A thread attacking Janet Jackson at DATALOUNGE -- how 'fresh.'

There's always something about Janet that's brought out the white sheets and KKKcommenting at DATALOUNGE (especially note the fried chicken insults -- and grasp that Janet stays away from fried foods but in the KKKcommenting if you're African-American you must eat fried chicken).

When Ty told us several readers had e-mailed to complain about it, we weren't surprised.

She's called a "whore" and much worse in the thread.

It's all so much trash.  But we'll focus on the self-proclaimed wise THE MORE YOU KNOW and the comment s/he left.

[R61], let me give you a brief Cliff Notes version of contracts in the business world. When Janet signed that contract, the recording studio didn't automatically hand her an $80 million dollar check, OK? Got that? She signed a contract that stated she would X amount of money PER ALBUM if she sold Y number of albums. She'd get a higher percentage of money per album (X+) over that if she sold even more albums (Y+) She'd get even MORE money per album (X++) over that if she sold an even higher number of albums (Y++). The more successful her album is, the larger percentage of money per album she receives. Apparently in this instance, those graduated levels of guaranteed income for Janet would stop at $80 million for a series of her albums IF ALL OF HER ALBUMS SOLD AT ENORMOUS LEVELS---like Michael Jackson's Thriller album level of sales. 

No, you stupid idiot.  Janet was never supposed to sell at THRILLER level of sales.

Michael couldn't sell at THRILLER level beyond the album THRILLER.

You are a stupid fool who knows nothing and should shut your damn mouth.

THRILLER is the best selling studio album of all time.

No one expected Janet to achieve THRILLER levels of sales.

 That 1st level of sales I mentioned? That guarantees Janet an income whether even if the album is a failure and the recording slabel has to eat the expenses of producing that album. As album sales increase, the recording label begins to earn enough money to pay off the expense of that album until eventually, if all things go well, both Janet and the label start making more and more money. In Janet's case, the bloom was off her rose. She got a nice percentage package based on her previous hit album sales and everyone predicted (hoped) that that would continue. Unfortunately it did not. Janet's last 4 or 5 albums didn't even make gold status (I'm pretty sure of that) and each new album sold LESS than the preceeding one. 


  • Released: May 18, 1993
  • Label: Virgin
  • Formats: CD, Cassette, LP
The Velvet Rope
  • Released: October 7, 1997
  • Label: Virgin
  • Formats: CD, Cassette, LP
  • RIAA: 3× Platinum[26]
  • ARIA: 2× Platinum[40]
  • BPI: Platinum[27]
  • BVMI: Gold[35]
  • IFPI SWI: Platinum[32]
  • MC: 3× Platinum[28]
  • SNEP: Platinum[36]
  • RIAJ: Platinum[41]
  • RMNZ: Platinum[29]
All for You
  • Released: April 24, 2001
  • Label: Virgin
  • Formats: CD, Cassette, LP
  • World: 7,000,000[38]
  • US: 3,207,000[39]
Damita Jo
  • Released: March 30, 2004
  • Label: Virgin
  • Formats: CD, Cassette, LP
  • World: 3,000,000[45]
  • US: 1,002,000[46]
20 Y.O.
  • Released: September 26, 2006
  • Label: Virgin
  • Formats: CD, Cassette, LP, digital download
  • RIAA: Platinum[26]
  • RIAJ: G

Those are the five albums Janet recorded for Virgin.  Each went platinum in the US.

The More You know knows so little.

It was a BAAAAD business decision for the label to make. During that four album period, the label could not recoup its investment in the production of those albums, lost money, and severed Janet's contract. Two labels in succession did this to her, leaving her with no record label. It happens. It happened to Neil Diamond. I think it happened to the man who wrote "Tears in Heaven". It happens all the time. Janet never even got CLOSE to receiving her $80 million dollars. Not even CLOSE. —The More You Know

The label made back its investment while Janet was with the label.  She never had a stiff, she only released platinum albums.  They continue to make money off of her since they own the masters to the hits "If," "Throb," "All For You," "That's The Way Love Goes," "Got Till It's Gone," "Runaway," "Again," "Together Again," "Doesn't Really Matter," "I Get So Lonely," "Someone to Call My Lover," "Son of a Gun," etc.

The More You Know knows so damn little.

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