Monday, April 15, 2024

Truest statement of the week

We must consider getting back into green spaces to restore our wellness. The stressors of daily life - whether financial, social, racial or otherwise - take a toll on us individually and as a people.

Contact with natural landscapes and green spaces has a restorative effect on our mental and social health and our immune system. Whether we walk or hike in the forest or park, join a community garden and grow greens and okra like grandma and them used to do, or other activities, we will boost our mental health and physical well-being in the process.

And most of all, the data back it up. Studies have shown that access to green spaces has a positive mental and physical impact on us and our children, and therefore our quality of life. Particularly in urban areas, where access to nature may be limited, being in green spaces means less anxiety and depression and better sleep, a greater appreciation of life and an ability to deal with problems, healthier social interactions and less loneliness, and a greater sense of community.


 --  David A. Love,  "Green Spaces Are The Key To Restoring Our Bodies, Minds and Soul" (THE BLACK COMMENTATOR).



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