Monday, April 15, 2024


What you need to know for right now is that Mama Tembo is an elephant and Finn is her child.

 Remember that.


Mama Tembo is walking through the forest with baby Finn when she stops and looks longingly across the vast farmland.

Finn asks, "Mama Tembo, what are you looking at?"

"Oh, Finn, it's not what I see now but what I no longer see," replies Mama Tembo. 

Finn looks at Mama Tembo with concern, "Is your eyesight failing you?" 

"No, Finn, I see very well," reassures Mama Tembo as she playfully pats him on the head. 

Still curious, Finn asks, "What do you no longer see when you look at the farmland?"

Mama Tembo looks at Finn.  "I no longer see the beautiful forest that once stood in the farmland, nor the forest that stood where the city now stands."

That's the opening of The LESSONS OF MAMA TEMBO, a children's book published last year.  The text is written by Jimmy Dirsdom with Sam Burk doing the illustrations.

 It's a book that was a big hit with me and with my youngest (five-years-old).  It was a book about the importance of nature, the importance of our respecting our world.  And MPASS EDUCATION is a publisher that cares about these topics and puts them into book form that kids can easily understand.

 This was a book we both enjoyed -- KINDLE UNLIMITED subscribers can borrow it for free -- and one that was worth reading.  If your a parent who reads to your children you know that combo is not always easy to come by.

I highly recommend this book.

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