Monday, January 23, 2023

Ty's Corner



Naturally, someone spouts transphobia and Jonathan Turley rushes in to defend him.  Jonathan never worries about the free speech rights of trans persons or the LGBTQ+ community or even the drag queens who are just reading books.  Proud Boys can show up at the reading events of drag queens and terrorize and Turley has no problem at all but watch him wet his panties when Antifa protests.

Here's the reality that Turley and others don't seem to grasp: You don't have a legal right to a specific job.

If you're working for NBC, they're not hiring you to get bad publicity.  If you're bringing it on, you are a liability. Tony Dungy is a homophobe and a transphobe.  How is that part of NBC's brand?  

There are plenty of other former coaches who could provide commentary -- and let's be honest, his commentary isn't that valuable to begin with.

I find it really telling that NBC was mocking a football commentary crew last Saturday and it was FOX that SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE elected to go after, not their own network.  

And as crazy as Terry Bradshaw may come off, he's not going around making hateful statements.  Dungy is.  

Instead of calling him out, Jonathan Homophobe Turley of Transphobia University in DC defends him and lies for him.  Worst of all, he says that critiques of Dungy are "racist."  I read in vain for the racism in the statement that the GOP was using a Black man to hide behind.  

Turns out, racism is something else that Jonathan Turley doesn't know about.







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