Monday, January 23, 2023

Books (Trina, Ava and C.I.)



Last week, Trina's "Ellen Sander's The Lifestyle That Classic Rock Unleashed" went up and we're talking to her about the book.  So what did you think?  You didn't care for it.

Trina: I hated it.  Loathed it.  It was dull and plodding and it was so clear that the author thought she would get away with her faking and superficial writing.

You really did hate it.

Trina: I really did.  She never made a coherent argument once.  She'd toss out the names of bands, for example, and act like that disproved, for instance, an argument -- a well thought out argument -- that Richard Goldstein had made.  She didn't make a case.  She scribbled and then she checked a few names off a laundry list and that's how she wrote over and over again.

Now she was a music critic that came up professionally in the sixties.  You found her to be disappointing when put up against others, such as Ellen Willis.

Trina: I did.  They wrote with passion and they made the music come alive.  Her tired writing is dead on arrival and how can you cover the music of the sixties and be so damn boring?

Anything else?

Trina: You can read it for free if you have KINDLE UNLIMITED on AMAZON.  I don't recommend anyone read it but if you're going to try, at least don't waste your money buying it.

Thank you.

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