Monday, January 23, 2023

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I am confused.  Joe Scarborough.  You know him?  The media personality.  He was on MSNBC back when AIR AMERICA RADIO was on.  I used to listen to them.  And every program I listened to -- Al Franken's show; Rachel Maddow and Liz Winstead's show; Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder's show -- they all talked about him.  Specifically, they talked about how a young woman ended up dead in his Florida's office.  They would call her a "staffer" or an "intern" and they would suggest that a crime may have been committed and further suggest that he was responsible.

I bring that up because old man Joe did.  Kind of sort of.  He is upset that former President Donald Trump might get back on Twitter.  He insists that all Donald ever did was use his Twitter account to accuse Joe of murdering his staffer or intern.

That bothers him?

Then why doesn't he ever bring up AIR AMERICA RADIO.  This was not a minor thing.  They brought this up over and over, repeatedly.  And we know he knew about it because his legal partner Mike Papantonio was often on these shows.  In fact, I remember Mike listening to Rachel Maddow talk about Joe's 'staffer' and all Mike being concerned with was a nickname she tried to give him.  I will not repeat the nickname because I get that he didn't want it to stick -- and why.  And if you think about the nickname, it's actually funny that I'm using the term "stick."

So Donald Trump says something and old man Scarborough is upset.  AIR AMERICA RADIO did it for years, on the hour, and Joe never said a word.  That makes sense how?


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