Monday, December 19, 2022

Truest statement of the week

The rise of hate and violence aimed at the LGBTQIA community follows a surge of anti LGBTQ plus legislation driven by Republican state lawmakers including in my home state of Missouri.  The Human Rights Campaign has found that Republican state legislators have introduced and supported over 300 and forty -- 340! -- anti-queer and/or trans bills in the latest legislative session and 25 extreme discriminatory bills have already been signed into law across this country.  According to PROMO MISSOURI, in 2020, the Missouri State House introduced 23 pieces of anti-LGBT+ discrimination.  They've repeatedly -- this is absolutely disgusting -- filed library book bans, bans on doctor recommended care, student organization bans and sports bans.  



--  US House Rep Cori Bush at last week's House Oversight Committee hearing -- reported by Betty at her site.

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