Monday, December 19, 2022


Kat reviews STRANGE WORLD:


Had a nephew who wanted to see STRANGE WORLD while everyone in the family was planning to see the new AVATAR film (Stan's reviewed it, by the way, "AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER left me in tears").  So I said we'd just go ourselves and we did.

He loved it.  He's six.  


I actually loved it too.  I loved the colors -- it's an animated film.  I also thought it was funny and had enough thrills to interest grown ups.  I'm not a big DISNEY fan.  I like the film if it looks good -- meaning that real thought went into colors and style.  So the DISNEY animated films I like are never things like CINDERELLA which was so basic and boring it could have been stick figures.

I like SLEEPING BEAUTY for the look -- the darkness, the vines, all of that.  And I like NEMO and DORI for the underwater colors.  

STRANGE WORLD has great colors and great style.  Strongly recommend it.




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