Tuesday, May 31, 2022



 Here's the deal, we do agree.

But we don't agree that programs bring on child molesters and hide that fact from their audiences.

There's nothing Scott Ritter has to offer the world.  But Jimmy Dore, Richard Medhurst, Jackson Hinkle, THE CONVO COUCH and others felt otherwise.

So they brought him on.

They told their audiences he was an author and a former UN inspection worker.

They didn't tell their audiences that he was three times arrested for pedophilia.  They didn't tell their audiences that he was sent to prison while Barack Obama was president.  They didn't tell their audience that this happened despite Pig Ritter and his friends insisting in the '00s that the first two arrests were nothing, just attempts to target him by Bully Boy Bush.  They didn't tell their audience that Ritter was now a registered sex offender.

Why didn't they tell that truth? 

Because they knew their audience would turn on them.

So Jimmy and Craig and Fiorella and Jackson and Richard and others LIED to their audience.  They betrayed the trust involved.


Trust matters to them . . . sometimes.  In the case, a convicted pedophile was more important than their audiences.


Whatever other faults Krystal Ball may have, she's not putting pedophiles on the air and pretending they've never served time in prison for their criems.






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