Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Editorial: Women in Iraq



At one time, women in Iraq had more rights than any women in the Middle East.  That was before the US-led invasion of 2003.  In order to force the Iraqis to do what the US government wanted, Iraqi thugs and fundamentalists were put in charge.  And thus began the long assault on Iraqi women.

The assault continues.  

And the US continues to encourage it.  For example, if you visit the website of the US Embassy in Iraq and select the option "Ambassador.," you find this:

Statement from U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Matthew H. Tueller

The United States condemns the criminal attack on civilian targets in Erbil. Iranian regime elements have claimed responsibility for this attack and must be held accountable for this flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty and for terrorist attacks on innocent civilian properties.

Matthew Tueller is not the US Ambassador to Iraq, Alina L. Romanowski is.  She was confirmed on March 24, 2022.   For some reason, she just can't seem to make it to Iraq.

Here's a Tweet:

Alina L. Romanowski was sworn in as the United States “Ambassador” to Iraq on Tuesday; She worked for the CIA 10 Years; served as the Director of the NESA Office and country director for “Israel”—An Iraqi News platform made reference to her as “The New Ambassador of Satan”

Iraq has been in a political stalemate for nearly 8 months.  Is there a reason the US Ambassador can't get her ass to Iraq?





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