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Roundtable on the embarrassment that is FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS

Betty: Okay, we're doing a roundtable. We is  The Third Estate Sunday Review's  Ty,  me, Betty of Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man;  Cedric of Cedric's Big Mix;  Marcia of SICKOFITRDLZ; Stan of Oh Boy It Never Ends; Isaiah of The World Today Just Nuts and Ann of Ann's Mega Dub. . I'm moderating and we're using the illustration that my kids did for THIRD back when they were little kids. Ty, you wrote a really good column and it's one that should already be up. You're addressing the nonsense at FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS.

Ty: Right. Briefly. They fired an African-American man, CJ. They is everyone. Then they decided it was a mistake and they got rid of a White woman. She's now the scapegoat for CJ being fired and, no, I'm not buying it or tolerating it. I'm this close to put a ban on FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS.

Stan: And to be clear, you would put a ban on them at THIRD?

Ty: Right. Though I believe if I banned them there, I know this in fact, C.I. would ban them at THE COMMON ILLS.

Marcia: You know this because you spoke with her about it, correct?

Ty: Correct.

Ann: I'm really pissed at Sabby Sabs. She's one of the FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS. I'm not all that impressed. Oh, Betty, I guess I should point out this is the African-American or Black roundtable.

Betty Right. I use the term Black.. Others present use African-American. Except Isaiah who tends to self-identify with both. FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS are named after a famous Black activist, hero and martyr who was assassinated by the US government.

Ann: Thank you. I'm not all that impressed with FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS. They tend to focus on a lot of frivolity.

Cedric: As Ty pointed out, they haven't addressed the ongoing iraq War.

Ann: Correct. And the embarrassing broadcast late Friday night/early Saturday morning was bad enough; however, Sabby's felt the need to take this embarrassing and hypocritical moments to her Twitter feed. And let me also point out that a football game, Sabby Sabs, doesn't mean f**k s**t to me. Kiss my Black ass, Sabby. But you Tweeted that garbage over and over. Use your outlets better.

Cedric: Agreed. So we are offended that every member went after CJ but only the White woman got kicked to the curb. Sabby's excuse for voting CJ out? Oh, uh, it, uh, looked, uh, like, uh, everyone, uh, else, uh, wanted him, uh, out.

Betty: I love that garbage. Sabby and her bad weave are the Mary Wilson of the 21st century.

Marcia: True that! True that!

Betty: Seriously. Florence Ballard was one of the original Supremes -- along with Diana Ross and Mary Wilson. Flo started showing up drunk on stage jeopardizing the act and MOTWON. The Supremes were breaking into the night club curicuit and Las Vegas. This was a huge deal. They were glamorous and they were role models. Florence didn't just pack on the weight, she also started showing up drunk and, in a few cases, too drunk to go on. Florence had her personal demons and I won't go into all of that. But from a business perspective, Flo had to go. Berry Gordy called a meeting. Mary, Diana, Flo and her mother showed up. Florence's mother told Berry that Mary wanted Florence to stay in the group and Mary then piped up that Flo didn't want to be in the group. I'm sure Diana would have voted her out but it didn't even get that far. Yet somehow, Mary turned it into, "Diana kicked Flo out of the group." No, Mary, you voted her out. Take ownership of your actions.

Stan: Horse face died and apparently Sabby Sabs wants to be the new Mary Wilson now. She voted CJ out. So did RJ. So did all of them. Take responsibility. If one needs to go, you all need to go.

Ty: It's just so offensive and I think it's offensive to us because we're watching someone get scapegoated based on race. And I think we've all been there ourselves.

Stan: Absolutely. And just because now it's happening to a White person doesn't make it right. If it was wrong to fire CJ, then everyone gets kicked out or no one. Don't pull this nonsense.

Isaiah: And we've all had to make our way, all of us here, online. And if you're Black, you know how you will get hung out to dry. I mean, we've all got tales about that happening at DAILY KOS or somewhere else. Where they act like they want to be inclusive -- as long as you don't bring up how some beloved Dem politician failed the Black community. Do that and their racism emerges.

Cedric: Which is why we are members of THE COMMON ILLS community. Keesha talked about that early on and how painful it was for her. C.I. said it would not be allowed at THE COMMON ILLS and that if it started there, she would shut down comments and it did happen and she did immediately shut down the comments. That simple tale should be the story of the left online; however, it's not and Atrios, DAILY KOS and so many other outlets were downright rude and unwelcoming to people of color.

Marcia: Which is probably why it pains me that, in the photo negative situation, someone else is being persecuted. I don't know Kerri -- Barber? -- but I don't appreciate how she's been attacked. And CJ's a damn fool if he feels he was wronged and now wants to pretend that what's taking place right now is any different than what took place before.

Stan: Exactly. They're claiming that they've learned but they just did the same exact thing again.

Isaiah: And it is embarrassing.

Betty: It's a huge embarrassment. Get your act together. Earlier, Ann was going to say something and I think we got sidetracked.

Ann: Thanks. I got sidetracked. I don't care for FRED HAMPTON LEFTIST. I don't take them seriously. I take Jared Ball seriously and stream BLACK POWER MEDIA. But frequently FRED HAMPTON LFFTISTS seems a little too 'lifestyle' for me. They could do a lot more on real issues. Is empire not a problem that we need to pay attention to? I don't get that it's a pressing concern to FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS.

Cedric: And, of course, there's room for both BLACK POWER MEDIA and FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS -- which is Ann's point --

Ann: Thanks, honey.

Cedric (Con't): -- but not if one is just not trying. I'm really disappointed in Sabby Sabs. I thought she had the potential to be one of the most important African-American voices and now I'm just not seeing it or feeling it.

Marcia: A big fall and flat on her face.

Isaiah: I want to move to another topic real quick. Betty noted that Ty's piece at THIRD should have gone up Sunday. We all agree. I want to explain what's going on. THIRD takes forever to do. And it doesn't matter what is done to hurry it. Yesterday, Ty had a Ty's Corner, Ava and C.I. wrote about WSWS and IMPEACHMENT for their media column and Ava and C.I. spoke with Kat about a book Kat reviewed. That was enough is the opinion of some. But others felt it wasn't and so everything got held.

Ty: Just so everyone knows, I'm going to crosspost this at THIRD.

Isaiah: Good. One more piece done means maybe the latest edition can go up.

Ty: And see, we can talk about that here or anywhere and have. And it's not the end of the world. In my piece, I noted that C.I. tried to high road it, high road what was going on with FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS. I wish they had tried as well. Instead, they looked petty and hypocritical.

Marcia: And it's not like they've done any amazing work of late. I'm -- I was -- was -- more likely to stream Sabby's program than to stream FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS. Now I'm pretty much disgusted with the whole thing.

Betty: I think that's where a lot of us stand. And I also think a lot of us had high hopes for Sabby and are really disappointed. We're going to wind down. This is a rush transcript. Thanks to Ava and C.I. who agreed to sit in on this to take notes and, yes, type it up for us.

C.I.: Hold on. Everyone listen, they're doing another stream on this topic again.

Betty: Okay, we just wasted more time with FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS listening to their Monday evening stream. What a load of crap. CJ wants you to know that people are being treated poorly. People he likes. Not people he doesn't like. He's full of crap, flush him down the toilet.

Marcia: I agree. And, bitch, I don't do s**t on your behalf. F**k you, CJ. You don't lead me anywhere. F**k you, bitch.

Cedric: I loved Nick saying "let's have grace" and we have nothing but love. Your a damn liar. You showed no grace to that White woman, no love to her. Quit fronting you damn bitches. You're embarrassments to the African-American community.

Isaiah: Exactly. They need to shut the f**k up and stop with the damn drama. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of their garbage.

Ann: Nick says, "CJ forgave these people so why wouldn't you forgive them?" When? He was Tweeting about Kerri on Saturday and Sabby was reTweeting. F**k you. Don't tell us what to do. F**k you. You don't control s**t in other people's lives. Quit telling your viewers what to do. Why don't you go f**k off. Talk about entitlement. You need to stop telling people what to do.

Betty: And if you don't want people talking about it, then shut up. Quit going to the well on it. You're an embarrassment to us all.






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