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In 2005, this site started.  Keep that in mind.  It's important to my commentary.


FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS is a group I used to like.  They did important work.  I'm not real fond of them right now.



This video goes a long way towards explaining why I'm fed up.


For a nice take on the drama, read C.I.'s "FRED HAMPSTON LEFTISTS, Richard Medhurst, Glenn Gr..."  I love C.I.  I'm glad she high roaded it.  I'm also able to disagree with her.  It doesn't harm our friendship.  My boyfriend and I live at her home.  If C.I. and I disagree over something, we disagree.  It's not a blow up.  It's not hurtful words.  It's just a disagreement.  There's certainly never any of her saying, "Get out!"  


Sadly, that maturity can't be found at FRED HAMPTON LEFTIST.   

C.I. notes that she came in late on the live broadcast and she wrote her piece before the video was up.  I've streamed the entire posted video.  C.I. thought that because she came in late, that's why she was confused about exactly what happened.  I've streamed the entire posted video and I can't make out what happened.

All the drama.  Sabby Sabs, you seem the most mature of anyone in the discussion so let me ask you, are you and your friends in f**king high school?  Then grow the hell up.

You've created drama where there is none.

You're not dealing with issues.  You're scapegoating and your off in your own drama when you could be covering something important.  Help me out, FRED HAMPTON LEFTISTS, when's the last time you ever covered the ongoing Iraq War?

Oh, that's right.  Never.  

But you've got time for this garbage.

As an African-American man it pains me to see an otherwise strong outlet descend into such utter bulls**t.  That's all this is.

Some woman named Kerri Barber is out at FHL.  Why?  They say because she was 'bad' and she called for CJ to be ousted.

I say?  I say she's out because she's White.  That pisses me off.  We need White allies.  

If what she did was so wrong, wanting CJ out, then why weren't the others kicked to the curb?  RJ claims he's taking responsibility for his own actions -- refusing to talk to CJ, moving to oust him, blah blah blah.  But if RJ really takes responsibility and really believes Kerri needs to be kicked out, then RJ needs to kick himself out because he's just as guilty as Kerri.

They all need to go, every damn one of them.

And, Sabby, that includes you.  You are the Queen of All Bulls**t in that video.  What's your defense again?  I'm going to paraphrase because I can't stand listening to that bulls**t one more time, 'I looked around and everybody wanted CJ out so I went along."

Oh, shut the f**k up.  Just shut the f**k up.  

You pretend to be a strong voice and now you're telling the world that even among friends you can't voice your own damn opinion?  How pathetic are you?

All of the FHLs who participated in that pathetic, embarrassing broadcast need to be called out.  This is not a strong face that has people saying, "Look at them! I'm proud of them!"

I have no idea -- even after wasting my time on that crap ass video -- whether CJ should have been fired in the first place.  While claiming you are being straight forward, you aren't.   In the video, those present are saying it was wrong to fire CJ.  But only one person is being held accountable: Kerri Barber.  She's not present, so how nice of you'll to all gang up on her.

CJ's made it worse by constantly Tweeting about her since the broadcast and Sabby's made herself a bitch by reTweeting CJ.

Get your s**t together, Sabby, or I will ban you here.  I'm not so starved for authentic voices that I'll put up with this s**t.

Also grasp that the defense you and the rest are presenting is laughable and makes you look like morons.  To portray Kerri as a racist is to say that you, proud African-American revolutionaries, are too dumb to grasp when you're around a racist.

Playing the victim and playing dumb dupes doesn't make me trust you nor does it make me root for you.

As you babble on through the video that I've been fair enough to post at the top, what becomes very clear is that there was a power struggle.  That's all.  And you chose sides.  Then you got some pushback so you chose sides again and decided to sacrifice Kerri Barber.

I'm sure it plays with a lot of dumb people -- especially if they're White.  I noticed Caitlyn Johnstone couldn't wait to jump into the discussion.  Apparently, there's nothing more pressing in Johnstone's own Australia than addressing an intramural battle in a US podcast team.

But we're not stupid in the African-American community and we don't fall for the okey-doke.  CJ was voted out by everyone.  Only one person took the fall.  

Stop thinking you put one over on us.

And tell raging drama queen CJ to stop Tweeting about Kerri.  It's abuse at this point.  CJ got his job back.  He should be flying high.  Instead, he continues to go after Kerri who apparently has even shut down her Twitter account.  She's not the one stirring s**t up, CJ and Sabby are.

Shame on you. 

This is embarrassing.  

Get your act together or stop trying to present yourselves as voices of our community because Black people deserve a lot better than what you've provided.

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