Friday, March 26, 2021

Truest statement of the week


Ever since a white Georgia man killed six Asian women and two others in Atlanta, the corporate media have jumped onto the “stop Asian hate” bandwagon as if they are innocent bystanders. It is easy to point fingers at a murdering local redneck and leave unexamined the media role in spreading hatred based on race and nationality. 

Sinophobia in particular has been quite overt, with the corporate media following the dictates of U.S. foreign policy. When Donald Trump was president they repeated his every lie and insult, and supported every decision intended to thwart China. They may have sneered when he spoke of the “China virus” but they joined in telling lies about the beginnings of the COVID pandemic and ignored China’s successful response which resulted in fewer than 5,000 deaths while Americans have more than 500,000 and counting. When those narratives were combined with typical American racism it is little wonder that mass murder and hatred will take hold.

“When Donald Trump was president corporate media supported every decision intended to thwart China.”

Joe Biden is no better than Trump in regard to advocating de facto white supremacy with his foreign policy. He continues all of Trump’s initiatives including any and all interference in the affairs of other countries, bombing Syria, imposing sanctions, keeping a dictator in place in Haiti, and taking vain yet dangerous actions to curb China’s influence around the world. Biden has even maintained Trump’s massive reduction in the number of refugees  who may enter the U.S., a racist policy which could easily be reversed. Racism is the undercurrent of many decisions made in Washington.


 -- Margaret Kimberley, "Freedom Rider: Establishment Role in Anti-Asian Bigotry" (BLACK AGENDA REPORT).


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