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KINDLE UNLIMITED (Betty, Ava and C.I.)



In 2018, community sites took turns covering a book every week.  You can see "In 2018, we read books" to review that coverage.  We didn't want to repeat ourselves in 2019 or 2020.  So when Marcia came up with a way to cover books but with a twist, we were all for it.  Marcia's idea was for us to digital books -- we're largely a printed text crowd -- and to use AMAZON's KINDLE UNLIMITED.  So for 2021, we'll be doing a book a week and trying to just use KINDLE UNLIMITED. This week, we're talking with Betty about '"Kim Berry and Andrea Williams' DIAMONDS AND CURLZ".

Purple rain, purple rain.

Betty: Purple rain, purple rain.

Purple rain, purple rain.

Betty: I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain. As Julia Roberts says in PRETTY WOMAN, "Don't you just love Prince?"

The fifth anniversary of his death is coming up.

Betty: I know. I can't believe it's been five years. I'm a big Prince fan and for everyone reading, I asked Ava and C.I. to start with something different.

And we went with the chorus of Prince's "Purple Rain." And Prince is the subject of Kim Berry's DIAMONDS AND CURLZ: 29 YEARS ROLLING WITH ROCK ROYALTY PRINCE which Berry wrote with Andrea Williams. You liked the book?

Betty: I really did. I love Prince but I've read books about him that I haven't cared for. Some seem mean spirited, for example, some just seemed boring. Kim Berry has written a thoughtful book that is moving and, best of all, reads like a conversation. You feel like she's across the table speaking to you. Kim had a very exciting time working for Prince -- filled with ups and downs and she seems straight forward and honest. There are times when she's at the end of her rope and she'll call her mother who always managed to see the humanity in the situation and would pray with her.

In terms of Prince, anything new that the book prompted?

Betty: Honestly, I never gave Prince's visuals much thought. That's partly because I was a little girl when he first made his impact and I loved him right away and people made fun of him back then, "Little Red Corvette" period, for how he dressed and did his hair and make up and I could be very defensive, "Leave Prince alone!" But he had specifics looks and specific ideas and reading Kim's book taught me a new appreciation for his looks. He wasn't passive saying, "Do whatever." He actively sought out new looks.

Right after you posted your review, you told us, "I forgot visuals!"

Betty: And I did. But on that, I forgot to note the sketches Kim provides throughout the book. They really are something and they provide something stronger than just a page or two of photos. You get to see the conception and not just the execution.

We're taping this for HILDA'S MIX, a community newsletter. Those listening to the audio can tell that Betty's really excited but, for those reading, we need to point that out.

Betty: Yes, I am excited. I loved this book. If you're someone who is even mildly interested in Prince, I think you will love the book as well. I like to read but I'm rarely as jazzed on a book as I am on this one.

Very good. Now let's talk KINDLE UNLIMITED. Are you liking it?

Betty: I am. I haven't had a lot of time to read of late. And when I did have time, I was spending close to 30 minutes trying to find something on KINDLE UNLIMITED. So thank you, Isaiah, for explaining that you can search on KINDLE UNLIMITED.

It's a two step process. Search KINDLE BOOKS on AMAZON and then, when the results show up, go to the left side of the page and check in the square by "Unlimited." That will reduce the results to the books that are available through KINDLE UNLIMITED.

Betty: That is so much easier than scrolling through page after page. I am enjoying it and I do recommend it but I do understand why someone reading a book or two a week might feel like they're hitting a wall rather quickly.


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