Friday, March 26, 2021

Editorial: Iraq?

 Critics of the government have arrest warrants issued.  Activists are being murdered.  What country are we speaking of?


The US government maintains relations with the country and you have to wonder why at this point?  How many human rights abuses does one government get?

Apparently, when you're a government created by the US government, you get a hall pass with no expiration.  

And during all of this, some idiots on the left -- well meaning, to be sure -- are calling for eperations for the Iraq War.   To be paid how?

Forget that billions of US tax dollars have already been funneled into Iraq.  Forget that.  But now well meaning fools who don't keep up with the news or follow what's going on in Iraq insist "Reparations!"  Great.  How?

See that's the issue.  You can't give the money to the government, it's corrupt.  That's why oil rich Iraq has so many people living in poverty -- especially in Nineveh Province.  It's why oil rich Iraq has one of the least transparent governments in the world.

But well meaning fools in the US keep squeaking, "Reparations!"" 

You may be able to buy off your guilt by doing that but you're not helping the Iraqi people.  

Stop kidding yourself.  

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