Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Covid 15 (Dona)

Lisa and Devida e-mailed to note that Covid has left them at home and they wonder if I've seen any new workouts? Not any good ones. They note my praise for the first workout on THE JANE FONDA WALK OUT.

jane fonda

For me, that remains the standard. I cannot think of a low impact workout that does as much as that one and I can't praise that workout enough.


I had pregnancy weight to get rid of and that video -- the beginner's section -- was easy to follow and produced excellent results. I bought it on DVD back when I wrote about it. I continue to use it but bought it on streaming a few years back and have it in "My Stuff" on AMAZON PRIME -- where your purchases and rentals go. I still use it and can use it anywhere with an internet connection. Right now, that's not very important, as we all know. But before the pandemic, that allowed me to work out with it when, for example, we went to my parents for the holidays.

Yes, I know the routine by heart and there are times when I just put on music and work out by memory. But there are also times when I just don't have the enthusiasm so I really need to watch Jane and go through it with her (and one of the reasons she's been so successful in this field is that she is so very good at motivating you during a workout).

The pandemic has allowed many of us to get fluffy. I was no exception and a week or two of Jane's WALK OUT had me back in shape. Remember the freshman fifteen? That term used for when so many first year college students gain weight? They now have a similar term for Covid weight: the quagmire 15.

If you've gained some, you are not alone. Don't beat yourself up for it. Just find a way to get moving and know that this is common. Most of us can get moving. Jim's great aunt comes to mind. When we visited last time and I worked out to Jane, she showed me her own exercise, SIT AND BE FIT.


It airs on her local PBS station. There are two instructors, one who remains seated at all times. If this doesn't air on your local PBS, visit the website to check out where it does air and also for more information. SIT AND BE FIT has some workouts online. For example, you can visit their YOUTUBE channel.

With working out, I find the hardest thing to lift is your guilt when you let a bit of time elapse between workouts. If it's been awhile for you, ditch the guilt and just get back to it. We can never change yesterday but we can always work to make tomorrow better.


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