Thursday, September 17, 2020

Jim's World



Me and Schumer? We're supposed to be buds or something?

I wonder because every time I go to YOUTUBE, he's yelling at me. What did I do to him?

Stacey Abrams is usually in the same commercial with him -- but not onscreen with him. I don't think she could smile so real and come off so friendly if she were in the same room with him.

Chuck Schumer apparently doesn't grasp the concept of a light touch. The New York senator appears to believe the way to get people to donate to the Democratic Party is to yell at them -- like some angry, neighborhood elderly psycho screaming at kids to get off his lawn.

It's not an attractive stance and I can't imagine it yields many donations.

I'm not voting for Biden (not sure if I'm voting for Howie Hawkins or Gloria La Riva yet) but Stacey's so warm and personable, she makes me want to dig into my wallet and get something, anything, to donate. Then along comes red faced, fuming Chuck and I'm all "forget it." You really have to wonder who was in charge of this ad campaign? And were they in on the joke -- making Chuck look like a braying ass?

Money grubbing is sad and tawdry enough.  Maybe next election cycle, they can offer up someone who is less embarrassing and less annoying?


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