Thursday, September 17, 2020

A Green view (Jess)

I don't hate Susan Sarandon. I don't dislike her nor do I wish her ill. But I am disappointed in her. 



I learned in that video that Susan plans to vote for Joe Biden. I'm puzzled and surprised by that decision. She voted for Jill Stein in 2016. I know she's not a Green. I am a Green. It would be nice, to me, if she'd vote for Howie Hawkins this go round, he seems her type.

But she's voting for Joe Biden and I honestly do not see how Biden's any better than Hillary Clinton? In fact, I could see a stronger argument for voting for Hillary than voting for Joe. She's a Clinton which means she is influenced by public opinion. Both she and her husband follow polling. She also is capable of taking a stand on principle. When MOVE ON stole Wally and Cedric's Petraeus-Betray-us, karma bit them in the butt and they were denounced by friends in Congress. Hillary was a senator then and was pressed to denounce MOVE ON but refused to do so. I could also see some voting for Hillary because they thought a woman being president would send a powerful message.

I didn't vote for Hillary but I understood why many did. And, like C.I., I will not say an unkind word about any Hillary supporter from 2008. They stood against sexism and they deserve (and have) my respect. Delilah Boyd, even River's Daughter, all of them made a difference. The press was repeatedly dismissing charges of sexism -- while they used sexism to attack Hillary -- and it's those people -- include Ava and C.I. on that -- who changed the conversation and did so with no help from the Patty Arquettes and the other play 'feminists.' 2008 supporters who supported her in 2016 will never be criticized by me for that decision.

But Joe?

What's the reason to vote for Joe?

So that little White boys everywhere will know that they can grow up to be president? Don't they already know that from every president so far with the exception of Barack Obama?

Joe offers nothing symbolic.

He offers nothing in any manner at all. He's against Medicare For All and has stated he will vote against it. He's for fracking. He tells Wall Street nothing will change. And he wants to keep US troops in Iraq.

Susan, honestly, WTF? I don't recall Hillary saying that she wanted to keep US troops in Iraq when she was running for president. But Joe says it and his record on the Iraq War is even worse than Hillary's was.

What really bothers me about her statements regarding voting for Joe is that she's 'back in the fold.' She's saying that the people who attacked her for voting for Jill Stein last time were right. Why else vote for Joe now? She's bought into the lie that Donald Trump was worse. He's the exact same. And she disowns the strong stand she took in 2016 with this move.

I like Susan. I don't wish her ill. I'll continue to see her films and continue to appreciate what she has done in the past and the brave things I know she'll do in the future but I am disappointed.

Here are my top ten favorite Susan Sarandon films:









9) ACE THE CASE (my kid's favorite film, by the way)


Those are my top ten but I enjoy many more (including COMPROMISING POSITIONS which I think is highly underrated). I like Susan as an actress and as an activist. But, yeah, I'm disappointed.


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