Thursday, September 03, 2020

Rebecca writes NPR about their sexism problem

 Following Ava and C.I.'s "Media: The hatred of women runs deep -- even at NPR, even in print," Rebecca drops a line to NPR.

i write the npr ombudsperson

 i wrote the npr ombudsperson this morning.  why?  

because of the important report that ava and c.i. did earlier this week '.'  read it and learn about the panel that 'all songs considered' does each friday where they feature music critics discussing new albums released that day.  the numbers? over 33 weeks, women were featured 41 times and men 97.  that's disgusting.  yesterday it got worse as the latest segment aired - tack on 3 more men and 1 more woman

kelly mcbride is now the ombudsperson at npr.  this is what i wrote:

greetings kelly, i'm writing regarding sexism at npr - specifically on the friday music feature first listen.  as ava and c.i. documented earlier this week (i've got the link in the info above), 'all songs considered' has a 'new music friday' feature that is deeply sexist.  through last week, the numbers are that over 33 weeks npr has presented females 41 times with men presented 97 times. how is that fair, kelly? those numbers are worse now, yesterday the latest segment aired and featured 3 men and 1 woman.  that's now 100 men and 42 women.  how is that acceptable.  at what point does npr plan to address on air sexism? i know when alicia was the ombudsperson this issue concerned her.  does it not concern you?  why is it that ava and c.i. have to be the 1s to track this?  why can't npr track it itself and fix it?  this is not just disappointing, it's disgusting. in case the link doesn't show up above, this is the link to ava and c.i.'s report:  i appreciate you looking into this issue and will be sharing this contact at my own web site. thank you.

again, kelly mcbride is now the ombudsperson at npr - though sexist npr calls her an 'ombudsman.'

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