Thursday, September 03, 2020

Preparing for the future, preparing for the fight

What do we want? In four years, there will be another election. What should we be demanding? 

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For starters, Medicare For All. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. There is no reason that Canada, France, England, etc can provide universal healthcare and the US cannot. We are aware, right, that when the US government overthrew Iraq's government in 2003, they still made a point to include universal healthcare for all Iraqis?

But citizens of the US do without.

That's wrong. It's wrong, it's unacceptable and it needs to be fixed.

We need to have our demands in place and we need to be ready to stand by them.

It's a two-part process, you understand. Demands have to be made. And then you don't back down. If you roll over, they know you aren't serious and they're not going to work to meet your demands. The power of no, remember.

Sometimes it's all you have. You have to be willing to walk away from the table.

In 2020, that's not happening. There are things we need and if we're not willing to fight for them, no politician is going to. Senator Bernie Sanders certainly caved and there's no other word for it. We carried his tired ass for months and then, when we needed him to have a spine, he showed that his only spine was collapsible.

He wasn't the only one. Another thing we need to be demanding is an end to these forever wars. Remember US House Rep. Tulsi Gabbard? She talked big about this . . . when she was on Joe Rogan's podcast. Face to face with a War Hawk on a debate stage, Tulsi crumbled like moldy, expired cheese. Tulsi was given not one but two chances by moderator Jake Tapper to weigh in on Joe Biden and the Iraq War. She brushed Tapper off both times. Joe had said he made a mistake voting for the Iraq War (no, he didn't -- he said he made a mistake trusting Bully Boy Bush) and that was good enough for 'anti-war' Tulsi. She then spent three days of media appearances assuring the country that Joe Biden was someone to trust.

Can we be honest? Bernie and Tulsi both betrayed the people who supported them. That's a simple fact. Instead of being outraged by the betrayal, too many offered lies and justifications. Forever and a day, Tulsi groupies circulated claims by her 'brother' that Bernie had done this or that to her and that's why, when she dropped out, she refused to endorse Bernie.

Instead of expressing justified outrage -- the kind of outrage that could send a message to all politicians -- too many made like whores. Don't they know that politicians have paid staff who spin and whore for them? Why do it for free?

Honestly, why do it at all?

We the American people have gone from the cheapest date to the post-midnight booty call. Grasp that. We're not even getting wined and dined anymore. We're now just a pump-and-dump, a slap-and-tap. It's only going to get worse until people start standing up and demanding that public servants, you know, serve the public.

It's not that complicated.


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