Thursday, September 03, 2020

Come November . . .

If/when Joe Biden loses, what are you prepared to do? 

Put on a pink hat? Aren't you just the most pathetic person to ever take a breath. Think you might be up for being a warrior? No, we don't mean go protest at Trump Tower or at the White House. We mean something much more important: A truth warrior.


A truth warrior battles for the truth.

There weren't a lot of them following the 2016 election.

It's a small list -- one that we're on and that all the community sites are on. Besides us? BLACK AGENDA REPORT, Ray McGovern, Caitlin Johnstone, CONSORTIUM NEWS, Aaron Matte, Max Blumenthal, Rania Khalek, WSWS, Stephen F. Cohen and INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE are among those who stood strong.

Had the lies about Russia been defeated -- as they should have been -- people would have dealt with reality regarding Hillary Clinton's loss and we wouldn't see the corporate replay in 2020 where Joe Biden offers even less to the American people than Hillary did. Had the truth been demanded and the b.s. called out, the DNC would have been forced to be responsive. Instead, they lied Russia! Russia! Russia! and refused to address how campaign based on nothing but personality and nonsense like "I'm with Her" [see Ava and C.I.'s "So, uh, we weren't with her? (Ava and C.I.)"] aren't what the American people want or need. We would have seen 2020 bring about a responsive candidate and not someone like Joe Senile Biden. 

If Joe loses, it's not because of Russia.

If Joe loses, it's not because of Jill Stein.

Or Howie Hawkins (this year's nominee).

Or Jo Jorgensen.

If Joe loses, it's because of Joe.

He's running for office. He needs to get the most votes in order to win. At present, he's done nothing to offer the people anything.

In fact, his campaign is more out of touch than his 2007 effort to become president (he dropped out after his poor January 2008 showing in Iowa).

Joe is out of touch. He's a groper and we also believe he assaulted Tara Reade. He shouldn't be running. But the DNC wanted him and they need to be held accountable.

No one owes Joe their vote. As someone running for office, it's his job to earn votes and if he can't earn enough to be president, that's on him. We've entered an accountability free zone where every politician is suddenly above the law and beyond criticism. That needs to change.


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