Sunday, May 17, 2020

Jim's World


As many observed before Joe Biden even declared he was running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, the press was in the tank for Joe Biden.

That explains why they never presented Bernie Sanders as the shoe-in for the nomination.  That explains why they acted as though New Hampshire and Nevada were meaningless when Bernie won both.  It explains why they compared him to Hitler on air.  Can you imagine what they were saying privately?  If they were comparing Bernie to Hitler on air -- in front of the world -- just imagine what they said privately.

The media had two approaches to Bernie.  The first was ignore him.  The second was attack him.

Are you seeing a pattern?

If you pay attention, you should be.  The media has employed the same practice with regards to Tara Reade.  As with Bernie, they see Tara as a threat to Joe.

And what did they do?

They ignored her for over a month.  When she didn't vanish, what did they do?  Attack.

Did Joe Biden's campaign direct these approaches? I wouldn't be surprised but the media had already established this pattern before Joe even declared, remember?

So it may just be the media being the media -- corrupt and useless as always.

The media is not fair and it is not balanced.  It protects those it values and it lies and attacks those it hates.

Why do some of us protect it?

It's not just idiots and fakes like Meryl Streep who try to pretend our corporate media does something of value (lying to start a war on Iraq is not anything of value).  Last month, at JACOBIN, you could find an article advocating that the government bail out the corporate media.


Let it die.  It offers nothing of any real value.

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