Sunday, May 17, 2020

Editorial: Iraq -- the forgotten question

Saturday, WPTV ran a story from CNN's news wire:

U.S. Navy Senior Chief Michael Forjan surprised his 6th grade son Gabriel, who thinks his father is still in Iraq, in Gabriel’s school lunchroom.
The Polo Park Middle School principal told students reporters were there to do a story on school lunches.
The kids in the cafeteria first focused on the school principal then noticed Senior Chief Forjan walking into the room. In the crowd Gabriel noticed his dad. He jumped into his father’s arms, hugging him tightly.

It’s was an emotional day for the Forjan family. Forjan surprised his three other kids earlier in the day at different schools. This family man is making the best of the next two weeks before returning to Iraq.

That story wasn't filed in 2003 or 2004 or 2005 or . . .

Forjan returned from Iraq last September.  Returned for two weeks before going back to Iraq.

That's because US troops remain in Iraq.

They remain in Iraq and yet no one wants to address that.

The presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee has yammered away for over a year taking credit for Iraq, bragging that Barack Obama trusted him and put him in charge of Iraq.  He bragged about how he had gotten all the US troops out of Iraq as he was tasked to do by Barack.

But all US troops are not out of Iraq, are they?

So the question for Joe should be: Did you fail?

He keeps claiming credit for something that really didn't happen -- the Iraq War didn't end.

He should be asked about that.  He should be asked why we should believe any promise he might make since Barack, in 2008, made the promise to pull US troops out of Iraq -- that's what got him elected  -- and what got Joe elected as Barack's running mate.  They left the White House in January of 2017 with US troops still in Iraq.

A functioning media would be asking Joe: "What happened?  Did you make a mistake in the drawdown?  Is that why the US still has troops on Iraqi soil?"


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