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NPR hires idiots who strip women of the credit they earned and deserve (Ava and C.I.)

Bob Dylan released a new track and NPR showed how stupid they truly are.  They took it upon themselves to tell you which songs are mentioned in Bob's new song "Murder Most Foul."  Ann Powers and Bob Boilen compiled a list of 74 songs supposedly mentioned in Bob's new song.


Well, for starters, their list includes Etta James' "Tell Mama."  Huh?  He name checks Etta's "I'd Rather Go Blind" but we're missing where he's referring to "Tell Mama."

We find it curious that they say "Walk On By" is in the mix -- or rather that the say "Burt Bacharach's 'Walk On By'."  All the other songs are identified by who sang them, not who wrote them.  Clearly, Dionne Warwick sang "Walk On By" and had the huge hit with it.  Do they have an aversion to mentioning Dionne Warwick?

Maybe it's an aversion to Amy Heckerling's CLUELESS?  Dionne and Cher are the names of the main characters in that film.  For some reason, they insist that "Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" is noted in Dylan's new song. But get this, they credit it to Nancy Sinatra.  Strange because Sonny Bono wrote that song for Cher, Cher was the first artist to record it and Cher's version of the song made it to number two on the charts.  How high did Nancy's version go?  It was never released as a single.  It wasn't known to the public back then.  It was an album cut on an album that didn't even go gold.  Nancy's album HOW DOES THAT GRAB YOU only made it as high as number 41 on the charts, Cher's album containing "Bang Bang" (THE SONNY SIDE OF CHER) made it to number 26.  Oh, and Cher's version of "Bang Bang"?  It sold over a million copies.  It was a huge hit in this country and around the world.

If you're not getting the point, 1970 saw the release of Nancy Sinatra's first GREATEST HITS.  Eleven tracks are on the album -- "Bang Bang" is not one of them.  She only had nine top forty hits so there were still two slots on the album -- either could have gone to "Bang Bang" if anyone in real time thought it was worth noting.  No one did.

Also, if we're not mistaken, Nancy recorded just one Bob Dylan song in the sixties ("It Ain't Me Babe").  Cher?  A lot.  As we noted in January 2017's "CHER SINGS THE SONGS OF DYLAN," from 1965 to 1969, Cher released her version of these ten Bob Dylan songs:

 1) "All I Really Want To Do"
2) "Blowin' In The Wind"

3) "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right."

4) "Like A Rolling Stone"

5) "I Want You"

6) "The Times They Are a-Changin'"

7) "Masters of War"

8) "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You"

9) "I Threw It All Away"

10) "Lay Baby Lay"

 Do Ann and her idiot man at NPR think Bob Dylan didn't know Cher or, for that matter, Sonny?

A playful Bob Dylan with Sonny & Cher in 1965 | Bob dylan ...

They not only go back to the sixties, Cher continued to socialize with Dylan long after she and Sonny split.

Cher, Mr and Mrs Dylan | Bob dylan, Dylan, Bob

 Singers Bob Dylan Cher Gregg Allman Paul Editorial Stock Photo ...

Here they are performing "All I Really Want To Do" (Bob's song that Cher took to number 15 on the top forty) at David Geffen's birthday party in 1974.

Joni 'n' Bobby — Cher and Bob Dylan, singing together at a birthday...

Where are the pictures of Nancy Sinatra and Bob Dylan?

Oh, that's right, those pictures don't exist.

Let's be really clear here, F**K Ann Powers.

We've called that fool out before and we will again.  She plays like she's a feminist but she's not.  She constantly strips women of their credit.

"Bang Bang" is Cher's it.  It is her million selling single.  No one else charted with it in the sixties.  Cher knows Dylan.  Bob knows Cher.  Why in the world would anyone assume that's Nancy Sinatra's version -- never known until asshole Tarantino pulled one of his revisionary and anti-woman moves and put it in his KILL BILL crap -- is the one mentioned by Bob in his new song -- if it's even mentioned in that song?

Ann Powers needs to be called out for the harmful liar that she is.  She constantly finds a way to strip women of their earned credits.  F**K Ann and F**K NPR.


Note: We're not really thrilled with Cher of late.  That doesn't matter.  The credit she earned is credit deserved and how dare NPR attempt to credit someone else for her accomplishments.

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