Monday, March 30, 2020

Truest statement of the week

New York state sex-crimes investigators decided that no crime could be proven, and dropped their case against Woody.
Experts at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut went as far as to suggest that Mia may have coached her daughter to lie, thereby planting a false abuse narrative in her head.
Mia’s adopted son Moses insists the allegations are preposterous.
“So many times I saw my mother try to convince her that she was abused — and it has worked,” Moses wrote on his blog. “Some day, I hope Dylan can escape from my mother, confront the truth and begin her own healing.”
The custody trial concluded with Mia retaining the kids. But most of us who experienced the spectacle believe that Mia helped emotionally cripple Dylan, and alienated her from her father. She should be ashamed.

-- Andrea Peyser, "Mia Farrow has finally succeeded in destroying Woody Allen -- and we should be afraid" (NEW YORK POST).

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