Monday, December 30, 2019

Martin Chulov and THE GUARDIAN can't stop selling war

Never forget that THE GUARDIAN pimped the Iraq War.  It was as bad as THE NEW YORK TIMES.  In the US, we complained about the US press ignoring The Downing Street Memo but, in the UK, THE GUARDIAN ignored it.

Keep that in mind if you read the paper's latest nonsense.  Martin Chulov offered "US isolationism leaves Middle East on edge as new decade dawns" on Sunday.

The first problem is that this opinion piece is presented as news.  It's not news.  Martin's offering his opinion.

The second problem is that yet again empire is endorsed.  We're not allowed to question it ever -- not at THE GUARDIAN -- but we are allowed to watch it be perpetuated.

The third big problem?  This is a UK paper.  The UK was part of the original 2003 invasion.  Why the hell is Martin, a British subject, obsessing over what the United States does?  Can't the UK step in?  We're not arguing that they -- or anyone -- should.

But Martin's arguing and, typical War Monger, he's arguing that someone else step up.

This garbage should never have been published but, if it had to be published, it should have been clearly labeled an opinion column.

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