Monday, December 30, 2019

From The TESR Test Kitchen


The TESR Test Kitchen has tried out a few bad products, even a few epic fails.  But we think we've now sampled the worst of all.

Do you like links?

Those of us who do were intrigued when Jim announced Friday that he had just tasted the worst links ever.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit Hot Links.

We sampled them on Sunday.  Jim was correct, this was truly the worst piece of meat we've ever tasted.

We grilled two, microwaved two, baked two in the oven and boiled two.

No matter how we cooked them, they were consistently awful.

Let's deal with the casing first.  What is it made of?  You try to chew through it with your teeth and most times you fail.  You have to grind your teeth through it.

Then there's the taste of the meat.  It's bad.

The only thing worse?

The after-taste.  Everyone of us got indigestion -- including Dona who thought she was having a heart attack because she'd never had heart burn before.

We strongly recommend against this product.


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