Monday, December 30, 2019

Editorial: Americans need to pay attention

At least 490 people have been killed in protests across since October

So why doesn't this get serious attention?  Other things, as C.I. noted Sunday night, out of Iraq get much more attention.  But ongoing protests, protests that have lasted for months, and ongoing attacks on the protesters, also going on for months, doesn't get much coverage.

Dirk Adriaensens' "Iraq: The October Revolution of 2019 and the Iran-US Conflict" (GLOBAL RESEARCH) is an amazing piece of journalism.  Sadly, it's also pretty much a lone piece of journalism.  Think of all the garbage in the last weeks that the so-called left has churned out on Donald Trump's Tweets or their embarrassing defense of refusing to do their job and name the leaker, think of all that garbage and grasp that Jake Johnson and others could have covered Iraq.  Could have, but didn't.

Time and again, Iraq is the topic no one wants to address.  Time and again, nonsense and faux outrage steal attention from real issues.

This is appalling.

It is especially appalling in the US since it was our government that started the (ongoing) Iraq War.

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