Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Some Tweets from Dario Hunter

Dario Hunter is seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination.

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    TH: Would you pardon Julian Assange? DH: Absolutely! No brainer! That's the least that one could do. Then dig into all the criminal things done to him&hold everyone responsible for the torture & deprivation of his rights. Thank you Dario Hunter

  • The "People of Color Bill of Rights" is a "new deal" for people who have gotten a "raw deal" for centuries. It is a declaration and reassertion of the natural human rights of those whose rights have been consistently disrespected. Learn more:
  • Seems ICE, like Trump, is in the business of fake 'universities.' Luring foreign students to a fake univ. shouldn't be in the mandate of any legitimate government agency and doesn't make anyone safe. Abolish fraudulent ICE.
  • If you wondered what the 58 protestors recently arrested in NYC are fighting against (or didn't know at all) it's this - the devaluation of lives - esp. People of Color - by an increasingly militarized police. It must end - We need community control.
  • Speaking of public ownership of utilities, here in CA (where I am on my Building Bridges Tour), PG&E failures have led to catastrophic fires. No to bailouts and I support GPCA's call for public ownership & admin. of utilities.
  • Shameless mailers aimed to scare support for a $300mil. OH nuclear bailout tax. But it's just cover for funneling tax $ to failing nuclear plants & 1stEnergy. We need to cut through the scaremongering (be it this garbage or Russiagate) & we need pub. ownership of utilities.
  • Tabling this morning at Briar Patch Food Coop in Grass Valley, CA.
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    Was a pleasure meeting this week. He's a great candidate for .

  • It was such a pleasure speaking to an auditorium of students at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento earlier this afternoon. Their questions were EXCELLENT.

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