Wednesday, November 27, 2019

10 things to pray for this holiday season

At the holiday, people gather.  If your group prays before eating, here are ten things you might want to pray for.

Thanksgiving Day Vintage Card

1) An end to these endless wars.

2) The brave Iraqi people who have taken to the streets to protest and continue to protest even after approximately 400 of them have been killed by their own government for the 'crime' of protesting.

3) Restoration of Evo Morales as the leader of Bolivia.

4) Medicare For All in the US.

5) An end to the persecution of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Ed Snowden and all whistle-blowers.

6) Protection for all the people around the world who suffer under authoritarian regimes backed by the US.

7) More journalists like Max Blumenthal who stand firm even when facing government intimidation and harassment.

8) Stephen Cohen, Margaret Kimberley, Aaron Mate, Jonathan Turley,  Ajumu Baraka, Caitlin Johnson, Glen Ford, Cynthia McKinney and all the other brave voices who refused to spread the lies of Russia-gate and instead called the lies out.

9) The children of Falluja and around the world whose lives have been harmed by empire, war and brutality.

10) Hope as a motivator for real activism and not political con job.

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