Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Editorial: The protests belong to the Iraqi people

The ongoing protests in Iraq are real and the protesters are to be applauded for their determination and their bravery.

But some have tried to use the protests -- the US government being just one example.

It is certainly one of the most suspicious leaks, delivered by an unknown source and perfectly timed as the US seeks to leverage anti-austerity protests in Iraq against Iran. It is also an insidious leak, strategically placed in an outlet that brands itself as “adversarial.”

Max is right to be suspicious.

Glenn Greenwald's outlet is the Michael Gordon.  Throughout the first ten years of the Iraq War, Michael R. Gordon repeatedly filed one piece after another for THE NEW YORK TIMES about bad, bad, bad Iran and how this or that event is just hideous and awful -- this as the US was actively and publicly at war with the people of Iraq -- and requires the US going into combat against the government of Iran.

Gordo was preaching war.  So sad that Glenn Greenwald's outlet is now doing the same.

To be clear, this wasn't written by Glenn.  It was written by two people -- one an insufferable idiot long called out in media critiques here written by Ava and C.I. (far too many to mention).  But Glenn is the face of THE INTERCEPT and it's become increasingly hard to stomach his excuses or efforts to feign innocence.

THE INTERCEPT is a flea ridden dog, don't pretend fleas and ticks aren't on you as well Glenn.

The protests are real.

Iraq protests: Tear gas canisters 'aimed at protesters' – BBC News

  1. Revolts: ‘Special coverage of 's -led protests

🇮🇶ANTI-Government began in 's and Spread to Cities Across the South of the Country. More than 300 people have been killed in protests in Iraq since they began in early October ✴️Shot in the Face with Tear Gas Canisters✴️

The protesters are real.

The violence used to attack the protesters is very real.

These brave people are risking so much to call for a better life.

Do not harness their strong and brave efforts to pursue your own agenda and to pimp for a war on Iran.

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